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Weird Things Bought by Lottery Winners

Buying material things that lose value quickly is the biggest mistake made by lottery winners who often feel untouchable. Everyone wants to experience some of their wildest dreams in this lifetime and that is the opportunity that some lottery winners get to experience even if it’s for a while. Being responsible for a large amount of money without planning for it can big challenge especially without financial advice. You will find out here about some of the weirdest things lottery winners have bought over the years.

A brand new house, a boat or even a personal jet, instead of all these some winners prefer to create something with their money. A women’s wrestling TV show created by a teenager with his lottery winnings eleven years ago only lasted one season. A husband agreed with his wife that they would create water park after the man won lottery eight years ago, according to them they funded a portion of the park in their parents’ names.

The stories of some lottery winners are either inspirational, political or a little bit of both. Her intention to support a political party was out of good intentions but she ended up supporting them too much until she declared bankruptcy eight years after winning. Mismanagement of funds and purchasing of depreciating things seems to have led several lottery winners to bankruptcy over the years. Instead of going political straight, this winner decided to donate a portion of his lottery winning to an annual event fighting for legalization of marijuana.

Purchasing new body parts seem to be a weird way to spend your lottery winnings but has happened over the years. A couple enjoyed a much more active lifestyle after getting a pair of knees each their lottery winnings which they struck when they were in their golden age. After buying some of the basic things for her family including a house, a car and going for some vacations, young lottery winner decided to get new breasts for her sister.

Some lottery winners over the years opted to spend some of their winnings investing in real estates. Intergalactic real estate seems to beat other ways through which lottery winners have spent their newly found fortunes over the course of the past few years. One couple won the lottery and the husband decided to use to pay for a recording time and a record deal to get their college band back together in order to release an album.