Case Study: My Experience With Moving

A Guide on Whether Florida Would Be a Perfect Place to Move

As you may have seen in our previous reviews of Phoenix and Charlotte in the perfect move series, there are many pros and cons of living in either of the cities. A freelancer will, for example, search for a perfect place for them to move where they will enjoy a low cost of living and inexpensive housing since they don’t have a family to take care of, neither do they have a job that may require them to desire to grow in their career. By reading this article, you will realize that we shall check out some pros and cons about Florida and you’re going to find out more about whether Florida may be a perfect move for you.

When I visited Florida six years ago, the first trip I made was to Tallahassee, and almost six years later, I went to work at St. Petersburg. In Florida, I used Uber rides, and the drivers provided me with great insights about the good and bad parts of the life in Florida. I quickly realized that most of the people were not the original inhabitants of Florida and are mostly from up north. It’s only one person who I met on my trip to St. Petersburg who told me that it is in Florida that they were born and raised. Being concerned about the effects of more people moving into Florida on the cost of housing, I heard many people discussing their housing and how much they paid for the housing. At the moment, the house which they live cost me about $700 a month and if I lived in an equivalent of this house in St. Petersburg Florida, it would cost double. You should note that five or 10 years prior, the prices were not this high, and it is the influx of the Northerners which has raised the housing prices.

The weather in Florida is so much different from the weather in Virginia where I was raised because in Florida you will have blazing hot summers and very cold winter where you can experience even as low as 50 degrees below 0? mark. I would therefore not find Florida to be a place where I would prefer to live because there are no mountains which I love even though you will find a subtropical climate and beaches which the Northerners love. Another thing I realized about Florida is that there are many gators and snakes and this is another reason why I would not live in Florida because I do not want to find myself in a situation with a gator or python on my driveway. You should also know that Florida has beautiful water and is luring for people who love boating or swimming and makes it a good place to visit, though I don’t think I’ll still call Florida home. Final thoughts are that Florida is out for me for those places I would consider to move because it is expensive to live in Florida, the weather is not pleasant, and even though there are beautiful beaches, that is not enough for me to move.